Imagine an airline where freedom is coupled with professional flying. You decide where you fly, and we help you do it as realistically as possible.

An important aspect in the creation of the VA was to be Hungarian, hearing our call sign anywhere in the world, they know where we came from and who we are.
We wanted to bring the most real experience to our pilots, so we borrowed more elements from reality to make your simulation as authentic as possible.
It is also important to know that our flights take place on the IVAO network and we also work closely with the Hungarian Division.

The airline is still new, we were founded in December 2021, but the hard core of the team consists of well-known pilots who have been flying together for several years. Don’t hesitate for a long time, join us! We wait!


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You will be part of a familiar, supportive team. And with your ideas, you can contribute to the development of VA.
Everything is better in a team!

Group flights

Our goal is to appear uniformly at various domestic and foreign events and exams, thus aging the reputation of the Hungarian division.

Improve yourself

No matter if you are a beginner, our system is designed to gradually move you from the basics of flying, with solid knowledge, to the mainframe level.


In cooperation with the Hungarian Division, you can take part in trainings so that you can fly confidently on the network with rock-solid foundations.


Based on your flying hours, you can earn different ranks with different benefits.

Type ratings

With sufficient machine knowledge, you can get a type license so you can even fly the Queen of the sky.

A little statistic

While these numbers are not necessarily authoritative, these are a few good feedback on how VA works.
Since our foundation in December 2021:

flown hours
completed flights
employed pilots
0 $
income earned

Our team

Bence Nagy


Leslie Gaal



In addition to VFR aircrafts, the backbone of our fleet is provided by medium aircrafts; the Boeing B737-800NG and the Airbus A320neo family.

Of course you will have the opportunity to go on a VFR sightseeing tour, a short weekend with a medium plane or even longer long haul trips exploring anywhere in the world.


Our flights are on the IVAO network, so you will definitely need an IVAO registration to join.
You can connect by clicking the button below, we will help you with the settings.

Live ATC

On the other side of the radio will be a controller authorized by your division. No robotic sound or artificial intelligence.
You will encounter real procedures at real frequency.

Connect the simulators

IVAO is a platform designed to connect with other pilots or controllers, no matter what simulator you use.

Real situations

You can drop into a real traffic situation with hundreds of acrcrafts and multiple managerial positions.


Join to our Discord server.

Our pilots said

They haven’t said anything yet. But they promised to say so.
Bércesi Csaba
C172 pilóta
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Adam Cheise
Head Of Sales , Intel


The International Virtual Aviation Organization (IVAO) is an international network that provides this opportunity. Its mission is to create a realistic environment for simulating civil aviation. Anyone can join as a pilot or controller and fly or control with others on the network. IVAO services (servers, education) are available to everyone free of charge.

You will need a running simulator. You will need the IVAO Pilot Client, ALTITUDE, you can download this from the IVAO website. You need to submit an flight plan, which you can do at fpl.ivao.aero.

Depending on your simulator, you may need FSUIPC or XUIPC.

When you have everything, you are ready to join.

ACARS is a system that logs your flight. Independent of IVAO, Hungarian Airlines uses vmsACARS, this software sends all of the data related to your flight to the website, from which the system makes a summary.

ACARS is currently compatible with Windows.

You must be a registered member to use ACARS. You will need the page URL and the API key in your profile to make settings. If you have these, you can choose from where, to where to fly. You can enter a route, select an aircraft available to you from the fleet, set up passengers, and take off.

IMPORTANT! Only press the “Start Flight” button after refueling!

There are two ways to earn rankings. One of your options is to walk down the ladder and log your flight hours. This is how most ranks are available. Alternatively, you can request a rating transfer based on your pilot rank already earned at IVAO. This is not a substitute for hours, it only adjusts your rank within the VA system to that achieved at IVAO. Details on our discord server.

A type rating is a condition for flying medium or heavy aircraft. To obtain it, you must prove that you know or are able to interpret and execute the instructions given by the managers of the type you have chosen. Obtaining type ratings is tied to pilot rank, more information on our discord server.